Summery: This is the only filmed nightclub performance of Lenny Bruce. This film has never been broadcast, anywhere. Herešs what the credits say:

Rolling Stone: "This film is an absolutely priceless document that shows Lennyšs flashing mind, the clarity of his perception, build through the film to an overwhelming final impact.

New York Times: "Bursting with an indignation that remains freshly irreverent and blackly funny".

The Los Angeles Times: "A 65-minute record of one of the most misunderstood and tragic figures in show business historyŠwith his remarkable talent for mimicry, Bruce used a sulfurous stream of words to drive home sting social criticism, to reveal to us our frustrations, fears and prejudices.

Playboy Magazine: "Pertinent, personal, outrageous, the most poignant comedy of the decade".

Jerry Seinfeld: As reported in Time Magazine on November 4th, 2002, "It was Lenny talking about his life. He had a routine about his wife wanting to have a kid, and hešd say, "Why bring strangers into the house"? "Lenny was father of modern stand-up because of his personal style, not his politics

Length: 1 X 58

Country of Origin: United States